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This page exists as an archive of what the contact page looked like in the late 90s. Yes, it actually just listed email addresses, spam wasn't really an issue yet. If you are looking to contact Eric Prentice you can find him at Rogue Lane.

Please use the following categories for submitting your feedback.

MacTip Suggestions Use this category to send suggestions for future MacTips.
Press Releases Use this category to send announcements about new web sites, products or other things you think I might be interested to know.
Tech Support There are a number of great resources on the net like Macintosh Resource Page, MacFixIt, and Apple's Support site that may be able to help you. There are also a number of sites that offer free tech support, I haven't had personal experience with any of them so let me know if you have good experience with any of them and I'll list them.

MacTank is a great place for fee pased support. You don't pay unless they solve your problem!

Web master Use this category to send comments, suggestions, and corrections for this site. I'd appreciate knowing how you think this site can be improved or if you come across any broken links.
Services Check PDX Imps or Apple's ASPN for someone in your area who could help you.

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