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Following is a note from Steve Wozniak about email lists and the advent of digital video.

"Technical support these days is so slipshod that you can rarely get good help on the phone for any technical products. This includes such items as computers, camcorders and cameras. I've found email lists, including those of themacintoshguy.com, to be much more helpful with easy to difficult problems. The community spirit of these lists is one of sharing and helping, as individuals and not as companies. What goes around, comes around. If you help, you'll find friends to help you when you need."

"From days even before personal computers I've been a fan of video editing. Computers changed everything here. I've watched it evolve and followed the field and instructed others on how to do it for many years. The evolution has worked it's way toward the first truly professional video editing capability for normal people on their computers. This is Digital Video editing. Now that FireWire ports are built into even the iMac, as well as the Power Macintoshes, direct connection to DV camcorders is a standard feature. Even we normal consumers are in the thick of it. Macintosh owners have long seen themselves in the hardware lead when it comes to creative areas."

"A new world is opening up. Even the consumer DV editing software has its roots in professional software. And professional programs have a tendency to be awkward and buggy and need special attention and workarounds. That means lots of support, but at consumer prices the phone support doesn't always hack it. I'm looking forward to the new MacDV list for support and education and inspiration."

- Steve Wozniak


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