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X-Apps: a list for Mac OS X Software

List begun May 6, 2001.

1. What is the purpose of X-Apps?

A list for discussion of the software programs for Mac OS X, native or classic, coco or carbon.

2. How do you subscribe to this email list?

Follow this link <> and fill out the subscription form.

3. How can I remove my name from this email list?

Visit <> and follow the directions on the web form.

4. Is there an accessible archive of messages sent to the list?

Sure, visit <> or search the archives:


5. I'm having problems with my subscription, who can I contact?

Email <>. Be sure to specify which list you're writing about, since we maintain several.

6. Who sponsors this list?

The Macintosh Guy <> operates the Bluetooth-Mac email list, and is sponsored by Dr. Bott LLC <>.

7. How does this email list work?

Anyone who has access to the Internet and a valid email address may subscribe to the Bluetooth-Mac email list. Subscribers will receive a copy of every message sent to the posting address for the list. If you wish to respond, post, or otherwise have your words sent to everyone on the list, send email, either by replying the message to which you are responding or sending a new email to the list address.

The list management program is set up so selecting "Reply" in your emailer will send a message to the entire list. If you wish to respond individually to the sender of the message, be sure to address your message accordingly. There should be no need to copy messages to both the author and the list.

8. What is Netiquette.?

There are informal rules of the internet which are termed "Netiquette." to help people use proper etiquette within this form of communication. Some examples of poor Netiquette. are not to signing messages, unsubscribing by sending mail to the posting address instead of the administrative address, or TYPING IN ALL CAPS, (which is considered yelling). This is a dynamic environment and Netiquette. is changing rapidly.

Some informal rules for this list

9. Who is on the list? How can I get a copy of the E-mail addresses on the list?

List member names and addresses will be kept strictly confidential and will not be released to anyone.

10. What tone is expected in the discussion and who will facilitate this?

I hope this will become a kind and helpful community. Since Mac users range from beginners to gurus, please be tolerant of "dumb" questions.

11. I subscribed, but get no messages. What's up?

It is possible to successfully subscribe with an incorrect email address. I check all bounced messages to determine why they bounced. If the address is invalid, I delete it from the subscriber list. If the problem is temporary, like a full mailbox, I'll keep the address on the list for a while, then delete it if the problem isn't resolved. If it is bounced by your mail server, I will attempt to contact your postmaster -- and copy the message to you.

Of course, since there's a problem with the email address, there may be no way I can contact you to tell you of the problem. :-(

I take a hard line against unsolicited commercial email. Everything possible will be done to combat SPAM.

12. Do you have any policies about selling products or services on the list?

I've learned that most experts on any list gain their expertise professionally. For those who make a living selling equipment or services, we have the following guidelines.

This FAQ adapted from Dan Knight's email lists.

Eric Prentice
The Macintosh Guy

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